Locus Cover Up

The process of cover up its continuing, this piece starts to come together. When i first saw the arm of this client i though it very complex task. The sheer amount of lines that where place in the skin its staggering, i took me Literally weeks to figure something i felt comfortable as a possible option for the correction into some kind of more readable image.

I choose to keep the original theme of the old tattoo. Skulls, i manege to save some of the biomech art work that i think goes great with the skull elements. Still More sessions to go, but contempt with initial color layering. Will have to wait for heal information to give a better assessment of this tattoo.

El proceso de este tatuaje continua, esta ultima sesion entrega mejor pespectiva con la implementacion de colores, cuando observe esta pieza por primera vez pude identificar que era un proyecto complejo, la cantidad de lineas a resolver es muy alta, me tomo dias decifrar algun diseño con el cual me sintiera comodo de trabajarlo. Hasta el momento de esta sesion estoy conforme con los resltados, espero ver como sana  para obtener mejor informacion del proceso y hacer los ajustes necesarios.


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