Not log ago i decided to post to the local listings of north west USA some of my ideas for tattoo designs to be inked in skin completely for free!   my intentions was to find out wich of the designs attracts the attention of people so i could concentrate in that direction on my future drawings and secondly to be able to have my work spread around this part of the world. I was very please with the response, many of you contacted me and where kind enough to offer the skin in transaction, this action is so awesome for me to see. thank u forever. I will do my best to leave you with a bad ass tattoo.

So this is a selection of the designs that most of the people showed interested in, i have some of them inked or in plans to be done. however there is still some of them available and up for grabs. The only requirements are that u must be over 18 years old, and be able to withstand needle pain!! clear skinned a plus but not a must.

Method. Just send me the picture of the design u would like, to my email. and request its availability, if is so i will respond to you to set up the tattoo session appointment.

Tattoo Selection



Here is the first one of this series.

This is by far my favorite element to draw paint and specially tattoo, for some reason i have tons of designs of this Mexican god as it keeps appearing in my minds eye, i feel a great satisfaction every time i see this symbol especially in the skin of people. its beauty to my eyes. This guy with whom we work this piece was totally awesome, he show up in time for appointment and was compliantly open to the experiment, now he wears one of the most powerful gods of the known universe, what even doper its that he left me a $40 bucks tip! shout out to all the tattoo art collector that appreciate the craft.

digital Machete Art
God of the universe, ruler of Mexico.